Women In Tech Who Don’t Code: Let’s Get Connected

Often I get to encounter people who get surprised to know that I am a marketer with a quite uplifting career in the IT industry and I don’t know how to code! 😲

With the name of the tech company, there’s one group who take it for granted that I have background in Computer Science and I must be a programmer! 👩‍💻

And there’s another group, who would be startled and ask me raising their eyebrows, “What do you do in a tech company with a business degree?” 🤔

I never even felt the urge to learn the code in order to pursue a career in the tech industry. I remember when I joined the first tech company, my fellow mates were confused what I’m going to do there as they could seen all my passions were for marketing, marketing and marketing🎯

I broke into a software company where I was the first one in the marketing team and second female member in the team of around 30 people. As a Digital Strategist, I started working alongside the developers and was contributing actively in anything I could get my hands on, from product planning to business development strategy.🚀

It’s not easy to catch up with the full-techy environment but trust me, it’s fun! It’s fun because you get a lot more than usual work pressure and challenges. And you get the scope to learn way beyond than the things you would have learned in any non-tech company. 💡

There’s More Than Code In Tech Industry 🌟

In a tech company, there are lots of scopes to add value to other than code contributions! All these tech companies are businesses who are providing solutions/services for people. Just like any other company, tech companies need marketers, business development managers, content writers, HR, accounts and admins, designers, customer support representative and more.💪

I’m not discouraging young girls if they are interested in coding, they should definitely dive in the sea of codes. But if girls are not into codes, it’s our responsibility to let them know that in the tech industry, there are potentials beyond coding. 

Even if most of the tech companies around the world, put developers in the center position as they play important roles for tech business but we need to remember, so are all the other roles that keep running the organizations. 🏢

Suppose, you make a great tech solution with the best developer team but you don’t have any strategy to market it. You don’t have a content writer to create great copies to captivate your audience nor you have customer success leader to take your business to the next level. What do you think, how far the company is going to reach? Even in tech business, in order to climb the stairs of success, other significant skills are required in addition to coding.⚙

So Who Are The Women in Tech Who Don’t Code?

She is

And Why This “Women In Tech Who Don’t Code”?

In most of the tech companies, we don’t see enough gender diversity yet! So the number of female members are still very low. However, among these very low numbers of women in tech companies, non-coders are the majority. 💪


So being a female in tech without coding, I have seen my peers feel pretty left out at times being non-coders in the tech world. Surprisingly, I have not come across any group or initiave that aims to bring together this specific niche members. 

We need to get together to raise our voice to share our experiences about how we are contributing or what opportunities are there in the tech industry without writing a single line of code. 📣

The “Women in Tech Who Don’t Code” is an initiative to get connected with the fellow mates and broaden our horizons in order to share our experiences and knowledge in the field. 🎉

Let's Get Connected

Join the community of Women in Tech Who Don’t Code and get connected with the fellow mates.

Share with fellow women in tech & expand your network today 👩‍💻

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

CMO at WPDeveloper

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