About Me

afshana diya

My name is Afshana Diya and I’m a digital marketing strategist, helping businesses to grow revenue online.

As a growth marketer and media planner, I’m super passionate about business strategy that it made me keep thinking about how our perception, insights and choices affect people, including ourselves. 

I’ve had the pleasure to start my career in a Digital Marketing agency where I found some amazing people & got to work with different brands such as Robi Yonder Music, Coca-Cola and more. After working in advertising industry as Strategic Planner, I wanted to broaden my horizon & moved to tech industry.

Currently, I’m working as CMO at WPDeveloper – a dedicated marketplace for WordPress products. Beside that, I’m also offering digital strategy consulting, paid media planning for startup and fast growing companies to increase their conversion rates.

Apart from being a digital strategist, I’m wanderer, avid reader, lifelong learner and geek at heart. So when I’m not working, either I’m roaming around somewhere you have loved or probably a very remote place where you have never been to. 

If not that, then I’m just chillaxing at home with a book or binge-watching series, movie or perhaps just thinking about the universe and a lot of ‘what-ifs’!🖖