Hi, This is Afshana Diya👋🏼

I help brands with Digital Marketing Strategies to drive sustainable ROI growth and optimize conversion rates.

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What I Do

I use a number of online marketing tactics to help brands to get more traffic, leads and finally conversions.

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Growth Marketing Strategies

End to end online strategy that will unite your marketing across channels.

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Paid Media Planning

Setup & improve your ad spend on drive a higher ROI with my “funnel” approach.

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Content Strategy

Create content strategy that resonates with your customer and drives more sales.

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SEO Consulting

Get more organic traffic and exposure from search engines.

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CRO & Analytics

Transform data into actionable information that boosts your bottom line.

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Product Development

Help you develop new products and services that customers can’t resist.

Companies I Have Worked With​

To help them grow using digital marketing strategies

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I Get Results For My Clients

Increased conversions using integrated campaigns across paid, social, organic & digital channels

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