Confession: Not Having A Personal Blog Is Crime For Digital Marketer!

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Roaming around in WordPress industry for more than 6 years and why I’m starting my own blog this late? As a digital marketer, why I’m just starting my personal site at the end of 2017 when everyone else is creating own bot or AI assistance? 🤖 In the planet of million bloggers with excellent content writing still, do the internet need another blogger?

Wait, I’m not here to be just another blogger! And no, I’m not creating my personal website in 2017! But yes, this is the first post of this website and it’s almost end of this year! So, I must have started recently, you think?

BIG NO, I had built my first website in 2012 using the same WordPress. Back then I didn’t get the domain, I was using a long domain name. Definitely, I was using it just occasionally till 2015. It was the final year of my undergrad, I was already in the hustle with my double major. Also, I was working for a couple of projects besides classes! At the starting of 2016, I started the full-time internship at a Digital Marketing Agency.

After the internship, I started my career as Strategic Planner for another startup Digital Agency. Even in last year, Digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh are basically focused on social media marketing. That’s because of Bangladeshi people are hyperactive on social media but if you try to find the open rate of the email newsletter, you will be really disappointed! As a digital marketer, I was working & planning mostly for visual content, video advertising, contest campaign on social media platforms. All I was inhaling were visual, video content marketing elements. I got too far from the blog, I confess!

In 2017, I realized that I’m getting stuck in social media marketing and not getting any chance to move around in other corners of the digital marketing. So, I took the decision to leave the world of marketing agency and moved on to weDevs, a WordPress Product company as Digital Strategist. My designation didn’t change much, but my area and scope of works did!

Digital Marketer Without Personal Blog!

After moving to WordPress industry as Digital marketer, I do literally feel like not having a personal blog is a crime! So here I am, starting my new website with a new domain (I got lucky this time 😋 ). And guess what, I have decided to not bring up the past.😜 is going to be a brand new website, without any content from my previous site.

My mind is occupied with marketing, traveling and tons of thoughts & experiences that I’m responding every day. The goal is write down some of my thoughts and see how I will respond to it after years!

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

CMO at WPDeveloper

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